About Us

Colmar Hinnrichs and Henry J. Barthelmess

Magnicon was founded in December 2000 by the two physicists Colmar Hinnrichs† and Henry J. Barthelmess during PhD work with Prof. Dr. Meinhard Schilling at Institute of Applied Physics (University Hamburg). Our work was about high-Tc dc SQUID magnetometers and Fluxgate magnetometers. The close collaboration of Magnicon with research facilities and university institutes guarantees an up-to-date service right from the start till now.

Magnicon started with a maintenance contract for a 62 channel MEG system at University Hospital Hamburg (UKE) from 2001 to 2005. In 2002 we signed the first license agreement with PTB-Berlin regarding the SEL-1 dc SQUID electronics. A joint development with PTB-Berlin leads to the ultra-fast SQUID electronics XXF-1 in 2005. During the last years, we have realized several customer specific SQUID systems and SQUID electronics for applications from high-energy physics to biodiagnostics.

We develop, manufacture, and distribute state-of-the-art SQUID readout electronics, SQUID sensors, SQUID systems, and SQUID related products. Due to a high level of flexibility and customization we can offer the best possible solution for nearly all of our customers needs.

In 2010 Magnicon changes its legal form from GbR to GmbH.