SQUID Sensors


The multiloop cart-wheel type low-noise dc SQUID magnetometers are available in three different sensitivities from 0.8 fT/sqrt(Hz) to 8.4 fT/sqrt(Hz) at 4.2 K. more

Single-Stage Current Sensors

Our gradiometrically designed single-stage current sensors with input inductances between 24 nH and 1.8 µH are robust devices with excellent noise performance. more

Integrated Two-Stage Current Sensors

If ultra-low noise performance is desired, our integrated two-stage sensors are an ideal solution. With a single SQUID like overall V-Phi characteristics and flux noise levels of 0.8 µPhi0/sqrt(Hz) @ 4 K these devices are a real alternative to single stage sensors. more

SQUID Series Arrays

For readout of TES sensors or as amplifier device of discrete two-tage arrangements, these 16 SQUID series arrays can be operated magnetically unshielded. High quality operation if mounted directly on a Cu block offers the possibility of compact sensor design. more

SQUID Packaging

Our SQUID sensors are available as bare chips or in a sophisticated package. From chip carrier over Niobium shield to cryo-cable we offer a reliable solution from top to bottom. more