SQUID Series Arrays

The SQUID series arrays are ideal for readout of TES sensors or as amplifier stage for discrete two-stage applications.

Integrated bias resistors for TES or two-stage applications reduce wiring complexity. Various arrays with input inductances of 3 to 6 nH, input sensitivities of 17 to 23 µA/Phi0, and a current noise between 5 and 10 pA/sqrt(Hz) @ 4 K are available. 

At operation temperatures of 100mK, typical white current noise values are 3 to 5 pA/sqrt(Hz).

Two independent 16-SQUID series arrays are located on one chip. If you need just one array the chip is available at reduced rate.

Direct mounting of the chip on a Copper block is possible as well as magnetically unshielded operation in the Earth magnetic field without degradation in noise performance.