SEL-1 is a robust and proven SQUID electronics for high-Tc and low-Tc SQUIDs and magnetometers.

With its high-quality bias reversal option the SEL-1 SQUID electronics is the number one choice for all high-Tc SQUID applications.

The unique integrated ultra-low noise high-range current source (optional SEL-1-CS version) allows compensation of external magnetic fields like the magnetic field of the earth.

Other features like auto-voltage bias increase the system stability and improve performance in harsh magnetic environments.

The maximum FLL bandwidth of 6 MHz is suitable for a wide range of high-Tc and low-Tc applications and makes the SEL-1 the best solution if you work with high-Tc SQUIDs or if you do not need the extraordinary features of our XXF-1 electronics for your low-Tc applications.