The maximum FLL bandwidth of up to 20 MHz makes XXF-1 the worlds fastest commercially available SQUID electronics.

XXF-1 is the optimum choice for low-Tc SQUIDs, two-stage SQUIDs and SQUID series arrays.

The XXF-1 SQUID electronics is also available with a reduced bandwidth of 6MHz.

The combination of a fast ac amplifier and a high-quality dc amplifier guarantees excellent performance from dc to rf frequencies.

It is designed to satisfy the needs of nearly all low-Tc SQUID applications. Additional integrated current sources provide e.g. bias current and calibration pulses for TES applications. These current sources together with an additional switchable feedback path make two-stage SQUID operation very convenient.

The enlarged bias voltage range allows the readout of SQUID series arrays.

A large number of switchable built-in feedback resistors, the wide adjustable range of the gain-bandwidth product, and a lot of additional tuning possibilities make the XXF-1 adaptable to virtually all measurement tasks.