Breakout Box BOB-1 designed for our SQUID electronics SEL-1 and XXF-1 provides easy access to all control and output signals to and from the SQUID electronics.

All input and output signals are available via BNC connectors mounted in a solid aluminum case.

The Breakout Box is connected to the SQUID electronics ConnectorBox with a 50cm rf-shielded cable providing two Sub-HD 15 plugs with metal case.

Usable for one to three channels.

An overload LED indicates if the user defined output threshold is exceeded.

Isolated BNC connectors are used for the FLL output signals to allow different ground connections. For each output channel ground you can choose between a through (differential) connection, a connection directly to case, and a connection to case via a RC circuit. So, an optimum performance under nearly all measurement conditions is guaranteed.

Additional solder pads on the PC board inside the box allow realization of high-pass and low-pass filters for all output signals.

The most flexible and solid solution to get access to all SEL electronics in- and outputs!